I Miss a Time When Photos were Taken for Memories and Not for Social Networking Sites



Image credit: sulde.deviantart.com

I miss a time when photos were taken for memories and not for social networking profiles. I am sure you remember the time when camera was handled delicately and with certain care. It was the family’s one of the most cherished valuables. How your mother asked you not to play with it and kept it nicely wrapped inside the cupboard.

The entire family came together just to see the photos. Photos brought warmth to the relations and helped them to strengthen. Kids, youngsters and even the grandparents picked up their spectacles to get a glimpse of photos. The house resonated with laughter and joy. How everyone created space for that last family member to fit in. How your grandparents speeded up to fix in the dentures prior to clicking who were otherwise slow. There were more of family portraits than individual pictures. Individual snaps were only taken when the person was getting ready for matrimonial alliance and that person used to be soo cautious about the pictures as the reels were not to be wasted. As a result he was clicked with pensive expressions rather than smiling. And to get a picture developed was a costly thing.

Today, we upload so many pictures in a day with different facial expressions, different styles of editing with our mobile phones. Our happiness is determined by the likes and comments below the picture. More likes are equated with being more social irrespective of how social you really are in your personal life.

Old sepia pictures managed to stand out despite its not so vibrant colour scheme. The odour of my old crumbled album makes me nostalgic and makes me wonder how mechanical we have become today. I would suggest you to save the priceless old pictures as those are the ones which make us laugh out loud in this habitual and cursory world.


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