How about the idea of feasting on strange Indian foods?

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This time, I decided to take a road less travelled by. Let’s traverse into the world of unexplored victuals. It’s time to decide for yourself, whether the platter served is freaking or exotic. You and I have grown watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods America. I remember how this show used to excite me. Now that I have got an opportunity to embark on a new journey to taste bizarre foods in India, I’ll make the most out of it. It’s time to leave behind conventional foods and get the taste of something about which not much has been explored.

  • Snail Stew and Steamed Hornets, Kohima (Nagaland)

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Show us the daredevil side of yours by chomping this dish which is a common sight on the streets of Kohima. This state is abode to more than 15 tribes, each with its distinctive but strange style of cooking. This dish is relished with hornets, steamed bark of a tree.  I will suggest you to eat this dish atleast once as snails are high in protein, iron, vitamin b12 and magnesium as well as selenium, increases immunity in our body.

  • Red Ants Chutney, Chattisgarh

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Chutney enhances the flavour of food. Samosa and chutney is a deadly combination which all of you must be aware of. If you ever happen to taste this chutney, you’re guaranteed to gag. For the locals a dip of red ants and their eggs is not just a dish, it’s an adventure.  Many of you might relish the idea of ants being crushed with salt and spices. Hurry up! Book your tickets to Chattisgarh to taste this crispy and spicy dip.

  • Eri Polu,

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An exotic delicacy prepared from Silk Worm pupas. Eri silkwork are used only after it has spun its cocoon. This is generally eaten with ‘Khorisha’. Khar or Khorisha is a traditional meal in Assam. Assamese style of cooking is a confluence of cooking habits of the hills that favour fermentation and drying as forms of food preservation. Khorisa just like other Assamese dish is grated bamboo shoots in raw, fermented or pickled form.

Silkworm proteins are the pathway towards reduced Alzheimer’s disease, less diabetes, less fatigue; stronger muscles. The dish looks colourful, has a strong aroma and literally melts in your mouth. I will suggest you to eat this dish on your visit to Assam.

  • Dog Meat,

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How can they even think of eating dogs? Really strange!!! How can they slaughter such lovable innocent beings?

I was aware of the fact that dogs are relished in other countries, but was surprised to find this in India too. You will get to eat ‘hot dogs’ in literal sense. The cuisines of Nagaland are different from rest of India. Here people enjoy eating dogs, spiders, pork, beef, crabs, cats, chicken and even elephants. Dog is a delicacy in Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur’s tribal communities only. Dog meat is the most expensive of all meats.

  • Doh Khileh,

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A bizarre salad dish from Meghalaya. It is mildly spiced pork and onion salad garnished with steamed pig’s brain. A bowl of Doh Khileh might make your trip to Meghalaya worthwhile. Take a break from the traditional Indian gastronomy and try this dish once, you will like the succulent meaty taste with fresh salad dressing.

Fearless foodies start your journey now! To experience the world full of deadly delicacies.



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